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Welcome to Poet's Corner - an archive of just some of the poetry and prose that our members have written, much of it during the last year. We hope you enjoy reading these!



SNOW – by Jenny Alderson


I love the snow in many ways
It fills me with delight
To walk on it and plant my feet
To show that I’ve been there.
To look around and see
A field of pure untrodden snow.
The beauty takes my breath away
So I just stand and stare.


Then I think of God who made
The beauty of the earth.
And give Him thanks for my life,
Enjoying all He’s made.
       Jesus our SAVIOUR was His greatest gift
       To be the NURTURER
    Of all people OVER
       The big WIDE world.


Thank you, Lord, for all Your love
      Your patience and Your care.


                                             Lockdown couplets by Duncan Daniels

We all have been in lockdown,
Some shielding on their own,
We're missing friends and family,
And visits to the town.


Now some have been quite busy,
And lots of things did make,
Others digging gardens,
And bakers making cakes.


The weather has been glorious,
Indeed, it's been a treat,
And some went walking in the lanes,
I need to rest my feet.


The days to me pass quickly,
Whilst others find them long,
The spring has made us cheerful,
The birds have been on song.


And whilst our Chapel's doors are closed,
It's not all doom and gloom,
Katherine's with us twice a week,
With help from Rob and Zoom.


Outside our home it's great to see,
Moorhen chicks with bright red beaks,
With goslings, and fluffy ducklings,
New life arrives each week.


But though we sometimes feel alone,
Our feelings we may hide,
No need to worry or be concerned,
With Jesus by our side.


Heroes by Eleanor Possart


I want to hear tales of the heroes of old,

Whose triumphs and failures through scripture are told.

Of Moses, the shepherd, who tended the herd,

Yet spoke unto Pharaoh with God-given words.


For you create heroes from those who are weak,

By giving the timid the courage to speak,

By gently refining and setting apart.

O God work in me to create a new heart.


I read about David, the least of his kin,

In whom mighty God saw the heart of a king.

Who, through vain desire, committed great wrong,

But whose words of repentance are captured in song.


For you create heroes from those who are weak,

Forgiving the sins of the faithful who seek

The ways of the righteous, to make a new start.

O God work in me to create a new heart.


With a covenant God promised Abram a son,

And a nation through whom God would bless everyone.

And though Abram doubted and made his own plans,

He learnt faith by putting his son in God’s hands.


For you create heroes from those who are weak,

You offer up hope when the future is bleak,

You build a new path when the way ahead’s barred.

O God work in me to create a new heart.




Why do I ever doubt your power

And question all your might

When I can walk through your creation

As dawn breaks through the night


To see the sky with it’s azure blue

And the birds starting their day

To hear the bleating of the sheep

As they welcome the fresh delivered hay


To feel the crispness in the air

To walk the dew drenched  track

To see the sunbeams peer over the hill

I so often don’t want to go back


As the ethereal mist gently rises

From fields slowly coming to life

So often I wonder why my Lord

Must our lives be so full of strife


To just stand in your creation

And try to contemplate why

I just have to accept your blessings

And not let your Glory pass by


So Father I thank you so deeply

For all that your hands put in place

And I pray that as I take it all in

I truly will see your face


                                                 After Covid 19 by Jenny Alderson

I haven't found isolation boring
Or time beginning to drag,
I've kept myself quite busy
With all my little scribbles.
I won't be afraid to go out
When once I am set free
To join again in normal life
Whatever ‐------- normal might be.


Will there ever be a "norm"
Like what we had before?


I don't think it really matters
If we've learned a better way.
A way of consideration and concern
For those who live close by.
A way of being friendly to those we hardly know,
Ready to give a helping hand to those who are in need.
Looking out for others, not just for ourselves.
For then the world will be
By far a better place.


Maybe we've all learned lessons
From being in "Lock Down"
Learned to appreciate more of the folk
That usually are around.
We've missed the chatter and the banter,
The laughter and the quarrels
The smiles and tears and newsy bits
Which are a part of life.

Change By Eleanor Possart

Is change something that we should fear?
That step into the great unknown;
When paths ahead are blurred, unclear,
And certainties are overthrown?
Can we resist the pull of time
That tears apart the safety net;
Those constructs, routine or sublime,
That comfort, soothe, or stay regret?
Or should we stand with heads unbowed,
And shed illusory control;
Embrace each chance that life allows
And set ourselves a different goal?
For all that’s wonderful and strange
Comes from a period of change.

                                                       What Is Freedom? By Jenny Alderson

Freedom from lockdown
What will we do?
Get in the car and go to the zoo?
Or go to the shops to have a look round.
Will that make us happy
Or that make us sad?
When we can go anywhere
Will that make us glad?
Is that what freedom really is
To please ourselves in the way we live
Freedom from Christ gives freedom from sin
Reconciling us to Him.
Everlasting life comes after death.
Eternally in His presence to rest.
Darkness all gone in His wonderful light
Overcome by His death on that terrible night.
My Jesus, my Lord I thee adore.
And I will love You forever more.
For You have shown us what true freedom is,
Also the way our lives we should live

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